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My LDR boyfriend and I ended a couple of weeks ago and I'm pregnant. He tells me he wants to be there and be with me and that he's in love with me and all this but he's also telling another girl he loves her and let's her carry on the fantasy that they're together when he's told me he doesn't love her or want to be with her. In a rage I sent all he said to her and they're no longer friends.. And he flipped out on me. What's the go right? I just told her to fuck off for you.. And now I'm really stuck because I've told him to be with me and the baby.. Or leave my life for good or I terminate the child and he can still leave my life for good. I really don't know what to do. I'm being mind stuffed and I'm tired of stressing out.
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No matter how much I try to get rid of him.. He won't leave me alone. He said even without the baby in the picture he still won't leave me. I'm so confused as to what he wants. He tells me no and hurts me yet babies this other girl and lets her think they're together when he doesn't want to be. They started dating 4 days after we broke up. He reckons it's FB only but I know better. I'm sick and tired of being so stressed all the time.


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  • I wouldn't normally advise anyone to get an abortion but this sort of case is the reason why I'm pro-choice. You do not want this two-timing scumbag to be the father of your child.

    • He's a complex creature.. Only did it apparently because she is bullied and shit and wants to make her feel good about herself.

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  • Please don't be the person who gets pregnant and forces the guy to pay for the child even if he doesn't want the baby at all.
    If the two of you aren't together to have the baby, then don't do it.

    • I don't want to be that person. I want to be with him. And we love each other he just says he doesn't want to hurt me anymore. I want us to be together so the baby can have the best. And if he doesn't want to do that then I considered terminating because I've seen what happens between people who don't stay together and have kids.. It gets horrible. I don't want that.

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  • He's just caught up in the moment with two ladies in his life... the sweet things he tells you and the negative assurances he tells you about the other girls he can very well be saying to her as well.


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  • You don't like sound you want a baby at all.

    • Not really ready... Was told by docs I have PCOS and there was slim to none chance. Plus I'm 10years older than he is.. I'm just stuck atm I think I'm ruining his life.

    • I think you should do what is best for you, what is easiest for you to live with. No matter what you chose, it's not going to ruin his life, I promise.

    • Thank you :) I hope not.

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