Please help me out?

Been together with this girl (17 years old) for a year and a half.
she broke up with me 2 weeks ago.
1,5 week ago she told me she loves me, was going to miss me and that she hopes time Will being us together.
she said she lost her feelings for me.
we were less intimate for the last 2 months. And that's why she lost her feelings.
the day before she lost all her feelings, someone tried to kiss her.
she didn't even told me that. I just heard all of this from a friend.

when he tried to kiss her, something happened in her immature brains (yeah I'm pissed of)
she liked the attention of boys, and there is more boys than just one. She decided she wanted to be single.

one week after she gave me hope that we would be back together in time, she started seeing some random guy. They've seen each other for the last 6 days every day. And she's falling in love with him.

how stupid is this? Breaking up with me because you wanted to be free and with other boys and do whatever, and now fall in love. 2 weeks after she dumped me.

She broke all the contact. And tells people she's glad that I'm out of her life. Looks like the relationship we've had meant nothing to her.

The only truth I know is that I always loved her unconditionally, and still do.. Feeling depressed, and in love.. Even while I deserve better than this.

what do I do with all of this? Having a hard time moving on..


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  • You did nothing wrong.

    This all comes down on her.
    At 17 years old her mind is undeveloped.
    She's immature and wants to explore.
    She needs to get all of this out of her system before she enters into a committed relationship.
    If you ask me... she did you a favor.
    If strung you along... she would have further hurt you by cheating and lying.

    Not all 17 year old girls are like this.
    But it's common that people a certain age go through a "phase" of where they want to test the waters or explore many others.
    This is a natural part of development.

    You'll have to move on to someone who wants what you want.
    Not every one has the craving to test waters with every one else.

    • I know it's pretty much normal that you want to explore the world and enjoy your freedom. But that's 1,5 years to late to make that decision. She really broke my heart and indeed, I did nothing wrong. Everyone tells me I did nothing wrong. And I know I didn't. But it's still really hard for me though. It's not only that she broke up with me. She broke up with me in the country I love the most. 2000 bucks gone. She gives me false hope. Tells everyone she hates me. And is seeing someone else 1 week after we said goodbye. It just hit me hard..

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    • You're probably right. I should move on! Easier said then done. But I need to. Thank you!

    • Yes, easier said that done.
      Time will heal.
      You will grow stronger and get to the point where you want to be.
      No problem <3

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  • I have a similar story, me and my girlfriend had gotten into an argument and she said that she didn't need me in her life. My advice to you is to just move on, it can be hard but you just have to let go and enjoy the advantages of being single.

    • Trying to move on brother. Hard time trying to, but I'm doing my best! Did she ever contacted you again? Or was it just the end?

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    • I feel sorry for you man! It's shit how someone you truly loved basically hates you after breaking up. Even after she broke up with me, I still love her. And always will. Even if there's not a future for us. She brought me heaps of good times, and that's what I keep in mind. Like I've got more reason to hate her than she does. Life's unfair sometimes!

    • Yeah, I'll still cherish all the good times I had with her but the best thing I can do now is to move on. Anyways best of luck dude!

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  • It was stupid of her to say that you guys might get back together again. It gave you false hope.
    Unfortunately what happends with her now is out of your league. You should really try to move on amd it might be hard, but it will get better. Time will tell.

  • It'll take a while to get over her honestly. Also if you truly did love her, I don't think you'll ever forget her. I promise you though that someday you'll find a girl for you, and won't break your heart. Your ex may not have been forgotten and if you really love her you'll still keep a piece of her with you but you will have moved on. I promise it'll get better. It has to get worse to get better.


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  • I was dating a 17yr old girl and she too was immature. You're ex wasn't ready for a serious relationship it seems nor was she mature enough to know how a relationship works so just ignore her and continue living your life. It won't be easy getting her off your mind but with time you'll eventually start thinking less about her no matter how happy she is with out you don't let that affect you and just remember she didn't deserve you amd you'll find someone better sooner or later.


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