Girls, Post break up?

My girlfriend of three years ended our relationship in April. She did this via email which I thought was odd. She refused to me meet in person to have a conversation.

Anyways, ever since she has been reaching out via email at least every week in a half. At first it was giving me hope, naturally, how could it not. I mentioned that fact to her. I told her that I'm typically not friends with exes because it makes it hard to move.

i cared for her and still do very deeply. I've told her that but over the past two months I've stopped giving her that. No point in telling her anymore if she doesn't want to communicate like an adult.

Why hey does she continue to send me stuff?


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  • She just wants to know you still like her and that she still has someone's attention. Ex's almost always hang around afterwards for selfish reasons. If someone truly cares about your wellbeing they will understand if you need space. I never remain friends with ex's because you can't be "just friends" with someone you love and are trying to get over. It won't work. You can only consider friendship after the healing but that takes months and even years. I say cutt off contact and move on with your life.

    • That's a good point. Her actions have demonstrated that she really doesn't respect me like I thought she did. I understand she needs to look out after her own interests but she pulled the plug so she needs to deal with her own actions and take responsibility for them

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  • She maybe be feeling lonely. I hate to be negative here but she dumped you via email after three years. Just be careful to not get hurt again and don't forget that misery enjoys company especially if she thinks you've moved on and are happy.

    • I know that was pretty crappy I thought. I consider myself an understanding adult and I thought she was as well. I guess someone's true character comes out when times are tough

  • did she had any friends while being with you?


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