Have you ever had a long term ex just cut out of your life forever?

I split up with an ex who I was seeing for nearly 2 years late July. Basically it wasn't the nicest break up, we were lying in bed one day and the next day I got a phone call saying its over, I accepted it and have never seen/heard from her since. She was off sleeping with another guy the following week and it did hurt me at the time.

I haven't seen or spoke with her since and it plays on my mind like every day. I must be mad but I still think of her and miss her and want her in my life again. Not as a partner but a pal.I bumped into one of her friends last night for the first time since it all happened and there was no mention of my ex or nothing. I guess everyone else has moved on except me, its bloody pathetic. I just find things so sad how someone can be part of your life, enjoying good times and then they're gone just like that.

I think I deal with that aspect really badly, it still bothers me to this day that I'll never speak or see her again. But is that how it always is? Have you ever had a long term ex just cut out of your life forever and that's how it works and I'm just being hypersensitive?


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  • You aren't just being hypersensitive. It's a very hard thing to lose someone out of your life...Just keep moving forward and trying new things and meeting new people. I know how you feel, and it's just a very difficult thing to go through. If she wants to be back in your life, she will find a way to be there. Remember: the only people you need in your life are the ones who need you in theirs.

  • That's not always how it is. In fact, usually it's a more painful prolonged separation process. I hope you can find a way to get past your feelings of pain and shock and move forward. The only way you'll be able to ever get closure is within yourself, so you'll have to find a way to do that. But eventually, this will hurt less once you force yourself to stop thinking of her and get back into life a bit more.

    That's a cruel way for a person to end things, and I hope she somehow realizes the pain she caused.


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