Do People actually talk about houses, having kids, the money issue, look at stuff for the house ie the whole 9 yards, and then not get back?

Together after you break up?

He even agreed he would have to deal with forever and we went to go looking for house things while browsing at the store, talking about what we wanted and whatnot?
Do people do this? ?


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  • Got the house.
    Got the ring.
    Kids? Maybe parents are pressuring for grandkids...
    Hmmm.. I think its smooth sailing for me so far.

    • I'm asking if people talk about this-break up then never get back together?

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    • Welp in my first serious 3 year relationship yeah had those talks before... But i was young and naive.

      Found out she cheated on me while i was studying abroad so we broke up. Oddily enough, ended up in a relationship with one of her childhood friends and now I'm engaged to her.

      I dont give much thought about the past and live in the now.

    • But he never cheated on me

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