Why is my ex contacting me?

When we were together i tried to get her into this show i watched but she never did. Now 8 months apart n 2 months no contact she randomly text me about the show like watched all 3 series. Is she just being friendly or trying to open the door for something else?
Well i asked her in a way if she was seeing anyone and she snapped a little bit and said she's just trying to get on with her life guys arnt on her mind right now so dont know what that means guess al just leave her alone and hope for the future maybe any ideas?


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  • My ex did the same. Then when I replied how happy I am that he watched it (it's really the same situation lol) he suggested watching new episodes together. I was so stupid to agree on that, having hopes that he changed his mind and wants back together. After watching new episodes together every week, I asked him what is this about and he said he likes being friends, but nothing more. That son of a bitch! If I could turn back time I would just ignore him or would say "yeah it's a good show" and would give him a cold shoulder.
    Don't let her trick you if you don't want to get friendzoned.


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  • She is reaching out to you. If you want her back then it is a good sign. Try setting a date invite her over for dinner and watch a programme together.


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  • maybe she misses you and wants to see if you miss her too. maybe she's had enough time to realize she may have made a mistake when she broke up with you.

    • Hopefully its really light contact though so hard to tell

    • she's probably testing the waters, making sure you will talk to her civilly and not be mean or ignore her. i think its a good sign.

  • She has watched your series when she never had an interest in them and she is letting you know that. It looks more than just friendly conversation. It looks as if she hasn't let you go.

  • I think it's a sign she wants to rekindle that flame

    • What should i do now wait for her to keep initiating contact?

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    • Not even sure there's that anymore

    • Just try and see if she wants to be friends and build from there if there's the opportunity

  • Maybe she wants to be friends again.


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