Should I be mad at him?

so yesterday my boyfriend asked me if I would call him at 530 in the morning so he wakes up and goes to work. and I thought it was kinda cute that he asked me to do that. so I did. and he never called or texted me after work ( were in a ldr ) so I was like OK whatever I don't really care. and then I asked him what his plans were for the night and he said nothing. and I'm like oh ok. so I asked him if I could have a picture since I was nice enough to wake him up in the morning. and he said I can't I'm driving. so I'm like ok later then? he never texted me back. and that was at about 430. he didn't talk to me the rest of the night. and its almost 11 the next morning and I still haven't gotten a call or text or anything. but I tried calling his phone and it goes straight to voice mail so either its dead or he turned his phone off. I'm not mad that he went out or whatever but he could have at least texted me and been like I'm going out for the night ill text you tomorrow morning. but no. I got nothing. I hate being like left alone like that.

do I have a right to be mad at him or should I just ignore it?


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  • it's normal to get mad about it, but before you let him know you are mad, I would get his story first. if it's a stupid reason why he didn't get back to you, then yes, you definitely have the right to get mad.

  • same thing happen to me right now and I know how you feel...i hate being left alone too...and I think you should just ignore it..and keep yourself occupied so you don't have to keep thinking about that...(maybe he's busy, or his phone died, or maybe he worked overtime and got really tired so he went straight to bed?)...and if it continues maybe you should talk to him, but not in a demanding way..and tell him nicely how it made you feel..

    Good luck =)

    • Well I know he didn't work overtime cause he was off work. I'm pretty sure he went and got drunk at a party like he always does and it worry about it too much becuase I'm scared he's gonna find someone else or hook up with some girl. but thankyou for your advice (:

    • Yeah I know how you feel boyfriend is the same way lol..and I'm afraid of the same thing

      you should then talk to him to ease your mind.. and if you think he's lying....

      you can always tell by the way he answers =)

      Just remember, Trust is the key to any relationship

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