I was cheated on and dumped recently (3 weeks ago roughly...) I can't seem to get over it... Please help?

I keep having nightmares about my ex. I want to start crying randomly. Just the thought of me being into someone new scares me. I keep having bad nights and I stay up late so I don't fall asleep and dream. I'm constantly asking for people's approval and feeling like I do everything wrong. I don't know what to do anymore. Please help. I want to be happy again.


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  • I've been cheated on by someone I loved in the past so i know where you're coming from. Sadly its going to take a while to get over it.

    Being rejected so cruelly by someone who you thought loved you is a massive blow to your self esteem

    • umm... how does saying that help her?

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    • by being realistic. its going to take time and there's literally nothing any of us can say to make her feel better because what she really wants to have her fella back.

    • "I'm sorry to hear that, got advice?"

      my advice is to keep busy as much as you can. i know thats easier said than done, but for me personally, I seemed to dwell on things more if I wasn't doing anything. That honestly is the best advice i can give. it will take time, but i assure you things will get better and you will meet someone who actually deserves you.

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  • You need to first face your fallen relationship and accept that it didn't work out for whatever reason. It's only been 3 weeks... it will take time to heal. But you need to have a positive attitude about moving on in order to move on. Holding on to crumbs won't help. It's not easy, but it's about you pushing yourself to take a step forward.

    Nobody's telling you to find someone new immediately. Do it at your own pace. Your ex was probably not the best person you could be with. And you certainly don't need approval from others. You're good the way you are. Be more confident - trust yourself. Spend time with your friends. Find some activity to do to keep your mind busy. It can be a sport, it can even be cleaning or something else you're already into.

    Give yourself some time and space. Get yourself in groove. To be happy, you need to trust yourself. You need to be happy with yourself first. And then you can think of sharing that happiness with someone else. :)

    • Thank you reading this helps me a lot!!!

    • :)
      The world is huge.
      Go for a little adventure. It'll be refreshing.

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  • Why don't you do things to keep yourself busy? like don't leave yourself with too much to free time and idle mind? I don't know if you are getting what I am saying. Not sleeping much isn't going to help you either one should sleep at least 6 hrs a day, if not it will cause you more harm than good.

  • Find something to throw your energy into, I think a big part of being cheated on is that depression seems to kick in universally so you'll want to do as many natural things to help combat those feelings while at the same time occupying your mind with hobbies or work or anything that keeps your mind off of it. Exercise and good diet will be important, sleep will become much better and you'll slowly get out of the funk your emotional state has put your body into.


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