Hooked up with a guy after breakup and now starting to regret it. How do I tell him I'm not interested in FWB?

Found out that my ex wasn't being faithful to me and was heartbroken. I mean I was so upset about it, I literally didn't know how I'd go on. He actually left me to be with this woman. So him and this woman are together and seem happy. Out of anger and pure resentment, I hooked up with an acquaintance of mine and we had sex. He didn't seem to be looking for anything else other than sex and pretended to be a shoulder to cry on. I feel like complete scum for doing that. Yes, the sex was good, but I literally felt like a peice of meat and a whore. I've never done this before in my 22 years of life. Ever since than, I want to tell him that I'm not looking for friends with benefits and just not ever talk to him again.


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  • You need to stop being so hard on yourself. It was just sex. You enjoyed it at the time and you did nothing wrong. You're not a whore or a piece of meat, and you're certainly not scum. You're a human being with needs and you scratched an itch.

    If you don't wanna do it again, just be honest with him if he tries to hook up with you again - just tell him "look, that was a rebound bone and I'm just not feelin' it." But, if the sex was good and you intend to stay single a while, why not keep bonin' the dude? You already did, so that notch has already been added to your metaphorical bedpost - might as well make the most of it lol

    • I'm just not emotionally stable right now for that. Thanks. I appreciate the support.

    • Hey, you know what you need. Do what feels right for you.

      But please, please, PLEASE don't feel bad about what happened. You did nothing wrong.

    • Thanks. I just wanted so badly to get back at my ex. It wasn't the right way to do it but I can honestly say that there weren't any consequences. I didn't cheat.

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  • ... I hooked up with an acquaintance of mine and we had sex...
    Enough said, it's Over. End the madness and the sadness and the Guilt you are feeling and this is what you do so you can rest Assure: Text him that you feel this isn't going to work for you and although you Thought this was what you Wanted, it it was just a Rebound and you can't go on with it anymore, and Friends with benefits will Not cut it either, you just want to move on and focus on you alone now. You simply need time and space.
    He may or may not Reply, this guy, and if he does, let him go ahead, he probably won't lose any sleep over it or be crying the blue over you.
    Sweet dreams and no counting sheep tonite.
    Good luck. xx

  • "im not interested in being used. friends with benefits ain't for me so dont even think about it"

    ... or in other words, just be bold man. say whats on ur mind. be angry. show that ur worth something. all is not lost <3

  • so just know that you messed up, tell him you are not that kind of girl and it was a mistake. Tell him you still would like to be friends from here on out but that is it and you hope he can be cool with that. We do things sometimes without thinking of the consequences. Especially out of hurt or anger, but in the end, the only one we disrespect is ourselves... but it can be rectified when you learn

  • You chose your actions, so now deal with them. Sry, no sympathy here.

    • I'm not looking for sympathy. I'm looking for a way to tell him I'm not interested. Maybe you should read the actual question instead of trying to lecture someone.

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    • It's easy to be an unsympathetic bitch behind a keyboard and an Anonymous username.

    • Bwhahahaha! Yah, okay, because you're not behind a keyboard or using your real name right? What an idiotic thing to say! 😂

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