Would you swear on your only new child's life to hide a lie?

OK I found out that 90 % of what my ex boyfriend in 5 years we were together was a lie on top of all of the many lies I did find out about yes he is a scumbag, but his mom is the same she will lie straight to your face and think nothing of it when she is found out. So he had an affair with his friends wife on and she is so ugly I tried to post a picture I guess I would understand it more if she was pretty. But this was years ago but he swore to me that he no longer had contact with her and even swore on his Only Child my daughter at only 2nd the old that he had no contact I think it is one the lowest of the many things he has done but he is such a piece of crappie he sees and his lying mother see nothing wrong with it , trust me I am stupid for staying past the first month because I had nothing but good reasons walk away but they turned out to be the worst pack of narcissistic people I have ever met. so can someone please tell me how they would feel if their boyfriend or girlfriend swore on there child's new life to cover up a lie...


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  • Words mean shit. Somebody can swear on anybody's life and it means nothing to me. Only behaviours.


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  • What the hell is the question? I can't be the only one missing it. Some people are habitual/compulsive liars big whoop. Swearing on someone else's life can be easily done but can they swear on their own life God willing they aren't struck dead the next day? Does that solve whatever your question might be?


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