My ex girlfriend got jealous after she dumped me?

here I've been with this girls for over three yrs..but suddenly she start to change the way she deal with me..and I found out that she is dating another guy so ...i begged her to come back to me ..for one year our relation was on and off ..finally I decided to cut her off and give her some space ..all suddenly she start getting jealous that she thought I'm talking to other girl because I stopped calling her and begging her to come back...last two month I asked her that I need to forget about me so I want to know her feeling if she want's me or not.she stopped calling for two weeks and I left country for one month after when I came back she called me and she was so mad all what she told me in this time is if you don't me I can't do anything about it and now I have no problem to live without her ..i don't understand why she made this call just to say this anyone can tell me why she did that and I didn't hear from her after this call and it's three month the way I still love her so much


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  • You love this girl who started dating another guy while being your gf?

    You begged her to come back to you?

    Will you be happy with this kind of relationship?

    Does it matter why she made a callous statement? Are you surprised?

    Move on.


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  • If its been three months and she's still with the other guy and you haven't heard from her she's over it so you should move on


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