I Want To Get Over Him

Ok.. I'm not the kind of girl to get all mushy about exes and complain and whine.. But I really cannot get over my ex boyfriend.. Well he was actually my first real boyfriend.. I've had others but it wasn't as serious, and he was my first date, and my first kiss. Thing is... He always wanted sex, and me to send him nude pictures, and I just wasn't ready for that, and he'd call me mean names he'd call me a prude, and a bitch, yet I still really cared for him. Well we went on our first date (this was in summer) and all I would do was kiss him.. We were at an amusement park we couldn't do anything else, well he got all mad because I wouldn't do anything else Cu's I don't think at my age I should be doing anything else and there were 3 other girls that he kept hanging out with besides me.. And it really hurt me.. And well he told me I wasn't 'chill' enough for him.. He was more experienced cus at the time I was 14 and he was 16. Well.. I was crushed. But got over it.. Well a few weeks ago he said he missed me and he was sorry for how he treated me when we went out, then he asked me for a nude.. I was really liking him again then he went and did this.. Now I can't stop thinking of him.. Any ideas of what I should do? Should I tell him how I feel? Like I said I'm not used to whole gushy mushy stuff. So I don't know what I should say. I honestly don't know why I like hi, when all he causes is heartbreak but I really can't help it..


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  • Just get over him. There are better guys out there! He sounds like a prick. I never understand why girls cling onto guys like the one you're describing. If all he wants is sex and nude pictures he needs help. He obviously tried to trick you by saying he was sorry. If he had the nerve to ask you for a nude picture again then he hasn't changed and probably never will, at least for a long time.

    Guys like this you need to forget and move on. Don't let him consume your mind.


    www.FriendlyAdvice.org - link

    • Awe yeah everything you say makes since. I honestly don't know why I care thankyou fir answering

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