Did I make the right decision by ending my friendship with a narcissistic girl?

I have talked to a person who displayed most if not all of the traits of being someone with narcissistic personality disorder. She randomly started talking to me out of the blue one day and I found her to mostly a pleasant individual, smart, funny, seemed happy, had realistic goals, but it was all a ruse in order to bait me. As I got to know her more, I found that she lacked empathy as she did not care about anything nor have the best intentions of any men that came into her life as she told me once. She was recently diagnosed with NPD, and I asked her if she knew her symptoms, and she said that she lacked empathy, she rudely cut off conversations, she was unsympathetic, she was unhappy with herself, and she drained energy from people. I figured I was not going to be a pawn to her game of confusing me with her actions and I ceased all contact with her. Now that she is a self aware narcissist I only believe she will get worse overtime and I consider myself lucky to get her out of my life for good. Did I make the right choice?


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  • I would have to say you did the best thing for yourself here brother. The hope that this situation could have a positive or pleasant out come is futile at best. Don't beat your self up over cutting her out. As the old saying goes , choose your battles don't let them choose you

    • Thank you for that, I realized that entertaining her little game was getting me nowhere and was just draining the happiness out of me everytime I interacted with her. And the old saying is true and I consider myself lucky that I am now able to learn what these kinds of people are like and to avoid them in the future.

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    • Like a parasite. Or Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat.

    • Exactly and in all honesty self preservation is hard wired into U. S. All , so your not wanting to be pulled in by a suck ya bus was in fact a defense mechanism. No harm no foul

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