Has anyone ever broken up with someone because they were missing "something"?

Has anyone dated someone that was amazing, but the were missing that something that you couldn't quite figure out, but it always nagged at you? I dated this amazing girl for 2 years. She was kind, funny, loyal, honest, and like a best friend. She is an incredible cook and artist as well. The only flaws she had were that she wasn't sexy at all (physically or mentally), I didn't find her that attractive physically (she is considered good looking, but not exactly my type), and she was extremely inexperienced with relationships. Aside from that she was pretty much perfect. I broke up because the feeling that something was off was finally too much for me. I miss her, but I feel like she wasn't the one. It's so confusing when you have a problem with something, but you can't even figure out what it is.


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  • It looks like you kind of figured out the problem: she wasn't attractive to you even though she had some very good qualities. That is okay it is just strange that you gave it a shot in the beginning if you didn't feel attracted enough. It would be nice if you could stay friends since you really like her as a person.

    • Yeah, Im thinking about meeting up with her to discuss things since we haven't had the best communication. I honestly don't even know what I want. I miss her, but I don't feel like dating. It's so confusing when you don't even understand yourself

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  • I have had that felling before and I still do I just deal with it besides if you like the girl even if she isint sexy dose it really matter what she looks like to you?

  • Sometimes you don't appreciate or value something until it becomes a memory. You may just not be ready for a relationship just yet. If you ever have a girlfriend who is not so loyal etc you will look back on this relationship full of regrets. Saying that, it's best not to stay with some if you don't feel it's right for you.

  • That's true but, that's not your case. You seem to know exactly what she did not have in order for not to be the"one"... you should rest easy you don't have that problem! .

    • I guess, but she's a girl that most guys dream of, so I feel bad for throwing her away. I guess it was the sex appeal that she was really lacking in for me. Like she was so derpy, but in a funny way.

    • Well no worries one man trash will be another man's treasure.
      I don't think you should feel bad, if she's not your type then that's what it is.
      Just be happy you didn't stay, you would've been miserable. Just move on from this and find the girl of your dreams if you haven't already. Don't dwell on a unnecessary past, I'm sure the girl would be fine.

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