Should I try to make it work?

I broke up with my ex about 4 months ago. I seen him recently and I realized that I still have feelings for him.

To give you a little background he hurt me in a lot of ways(which was my reason for breaking up). Most those first "special" moments that couples have, he ruined. He's insulted me before and I'm talking really bad insults(like my hygiene, I have good hygiene, I maybe have forgot to shower like once or twice but that happens when your around someone a lot). He humiliated me once in front of his mother because he was fustrated. He was good to me at times too. He always tried to see me any chance he could get and he always took me out. So there were a lot of good things about him. I still miss him. But as soon as I start talking to him, because I miss him I start reliving some of the awful things he said and did to me.Do you think I should try to make it work or just let it go?


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  • I think the more important question is do YOU think you should try and make it work or just let it go away.

    You have probably already have your answer. Maybe you pose the question because you just don't like the answer you came up with.


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