She wants me back?

So about 2 years a go i had a girlfriend names sharon, im not going to lie she was way out of my league she was very very pretty, very fit, she could have been a model if she wanted to and i was just me a regular below average guy but i loved her. We met at a church she said she wanted a church man and not a guy thats going to do her wrong and that was me, id never hurt any woman in my life, physically or mentally.

We dated for about 2 years and
a rumor was going around outside of church saying that she was cheating on me with this guy named sunny
sunny or sonny I don't know he was kind of her but like in a boy version "handsome" fit, gets almost any girl he wants and he was nice actually i was cool with him we talked got along even called eachother bro so considering the girl she is and the guy he is i thought it was a lie, im like i know he wouldn't do that to me he knows i love her and i know she wouldn't go for a guy like him turns out i was hella wrong. they started missing church on the same days i started putting 2 and 2 together..

One day he actually came up to me and confessed outside of church not only was he having sex with the love of my life he was having sex with 2 of my cousins and my sister... He told me he loved sharon and he didn't want me to be hurt so he told me.. i wanted it to be a joke but after church i asked sharon if it was true she said yes it was that he made her laugh, he was cute and i couldn't make her feel the way he could... i switched churches and i moved
(i didn't tell her about him dating other girls too i wanted her to hurt like i did, but find out on her own.

Two days ago she sends me a friend request on facebook, we start talking and met up. its been awhile and i'd be lying if i said i didn't want her back.. does she want me back? i guess she found out about him.. should i take her back?
She didn't say anything about dating or anything we just talked about church mostly.. Should i tell her how i feel? does she even care?


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  • Relationships are built on trust, it is the solid foundation for every relationship. Why give her a second chance and trust her again... why trust her a second time after she has already given you one good reason not to trust her

    When someone betrays you once.. it's a warning. If they betray you a second time.. it's a choice, because you now know her potential in a relationship.

    Why go back to someone who treats you as an option, when out there somewhere there's a girl who will treat you as a priority.

    I could never waste my time on someone who wastes my faith and trust. Everyone needs to set boundaries within a relationship and not allow anyone to cross them. We set out own standards of how people treat us. Raise your standards high, if someone doesn't rise to your , don't lower them to theirs.

    Giving someone a second chance after they have betrayed you, is giving them your permission and the opportunity to do it again

    Never go back to the one thing which broke you.

    Sometimes God protects us from certain people... so don't chase afte the person he may be to saving you from

    • Thank you and I've asked god about it too i think the only option for me to do is stay away from her i want to but i dont want too at the same time i just wish i never met her

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    • Thank you for MHO 💐

      I hope everything worked out well for you 😊

    • You're welcome,
      and thank you

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  • Sharon may be a very visually attractive woman.

    But given her soul, I can not consider her "out of your league".
    Sharon's intents were to hurt you. She was distrustful, and not even honest with you in your own relationship. The truth had to unravel before she admitted anything

    If someone truly loves you and is regretful of their mistakes,
    they will confess. She hid her lies and deceit for as long as she could, until someone else told you the truth.

    I think you deserve better.
    The honest truth is, given that you are trustworthy, caring, loving and reliable you are "out of her league".
    You deserve a woman that has your best interest at heart.

    If you get back with Sharon, how can you trust in her to
    A) Be faithful
    B) Tell you the truth if she does cheat on you.

    By getting back with Sharon would be opening a door that needs to stay closed.
    Her pattern of behavior is probably the same.

    If you decide to speak with Sharon, that's fine.
    But getting back with her, would be the wrong choice in your life.
    You would again be making yourself vulnerable to being hurt again.

    • Thanks im glad that you feel this way because i want to let her back in my life but its like i can't... she's visually perfect but her soul is just... its not fair.. and im just so confused. im thinking about therapy because when im around her i almost want to actually forgive her but if i do i know ill be hurt again..

    • You can forgive for the sake of healing and moving forward.

      Forgiveness doesn't mean you allow yourself to make the same mistakes and be vulnerable all over again.

      I wish u the best.

      Do what it takes to get past this.
      If therapy is what you must do, then it's worth it in my opinion

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  • I could never take back someone who cheated on me. I might be able to forgive them, but we could never be together again. If they did it once, then you can't know if they would ever do it again. Once a cheater always a cheater.


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