Did I totally fucked up a chance to get my ex back?

- We were in a LDR for 3 years and he dumped me 5 months ago because i'm not the one and he doesn't want a LDR anymore
- For next 2 weeks I kept asking questions about what went wrong, he never gave a clear reasons but he wanted to stay friends
- Then I heard he flirted with someone else after we broke up, I deleted him and we didn't talk for 2 weeks
- Then I added him back and apolagized, told him I don't want to be on bad terms but don't want to be friends either, he was happy
- A week later he started skyping me like mad (asking to watch movies, to play online games, etc.) and I thought he was reaching out since I told him I don't want to be friends
- I was kind of distant but would respond nicely here and there
- I started seeing one other guy (pure rebound nothing serious), he heard about it and got mad and jealous, didn't wish me happy bday because of that and was ignoring me
- Then after few weeks we got back on good terms again (he wanted us to watch this one show together over Skype every week, we did and it was like good old days), we flirted, I suggested a meet up since I was visiting his town, he was happy about it and asked me to stay at his place for a week, I said maybe
- Then he bailed out in the last moment, I got mad and I didn't talk to him in 10 days (he wasn't skyping me either)
- Then he asked me to play this new game together, he said sorry for bailing out that he thinks I still care too much and he wasn't comfortable with it
- I was done with being mad and I thought mybe we can be friends since I really wanted to play that game, so accepted and we played that together every day for more then a month
- My feelings came back and I broke down when he said one of our mutual friends that we are just friends, so I told him I still love him. He said it is what it is, that he still has some feelings for me too but that he likes the way things are now and doesn't want back together right now, maybe in the future
- I said it's alright and that I just wanted to let him know how I feel, he said it's okay and that he doesn't mind
- I stopped playing that game with him and I deleted my steam account, I wanted to move on. He wasn't skyping me either
- Then I got a job offer at his country and I took it (not bacause of but because I always wanted that) and I told him the news but he said that doesn't change anythig, that he wants to focus on school
- That was 2 weeks ago, now he skyped me again
He hasn't been with anyone since we broke up, seems like he is really determined to just focus on school as he said he wants. I don't know what to do with him anymore? I will soon be moving there and I am so sick of him. I'm sick of me too, this is not who I am, I look pathetic. Should I just ignore him?


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  • Yes, ignore him. You need to move on with your life. He does not want to be with you. You need to accept that and stop having hope. You should have cut him off five months ago. You cannot be friends with him. It does NOT work. If you continue to message him you'll just prolong your pain. Stop.


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