Me and my ex still love each other but she's afraid to get back together. Any ideas?

Yes I know she loves me because she has said so and she says she wishes we could still be together. And not only that we still end up randomly texting saying "i love you" somewhere in the text. I want to get back together but she is apparently afraid to. I'm a confused boy help.


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  • I apologize but it seems like some info might be left out here. Why did the relationship end? She might be afraid of experiencing the pain associated with breaking up again, should the relationship not last. If there were ongoing, unresolved issues in the relationship that led to the break up then that could be another factor. It's hard to say because I don't have more details.

    • Very true... The only thing I can add to this is that if she is scared, that means she doesn't trust you not to hurt her somehow. You need to either ask her why, or acknowledge it if you know why, and show her she can trust you on whatever count(s) she is hesitant about.

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