My ex turned out to be the most selfish person I've ever met but I can't stop thinking about him and move on?

For like... 3/4 months of relationship, I thought he could really be the one for me. Everything seemed so perfect, it made such big sense to me and to my heart, I was in love. But... he broke up with me, out of the blue, out of nowhere, and the only thing he said was that he couldn't stop thinking about his ex and how things ended between them. It hurt me like hell. He didn't care about my feelings, he didn't try to fix anything or to make me feel good. He disrespected me and our friendship. We don't talk for a couple of months and never see each other.

I hate him for everything he did to me. I am still so hurt, but I am trying to move on, do other things, keep myself busy, I deleted him from my social media but I find myself always looking up for him on facebook and stuff like that. I can't be happy... any advice? I don't want him back, because I do not deserve this.


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  • As always with these things, it just takes time. How long ago has he ended the relationship?

    You're on the right track because you deleted him and keep yourself busy. The one mistake you make is looking him up. This is no good, you're merely looking for things to be in pain. You can block him on FB, that way you won't be able to access his FB anymore.

    Like I say, it takes time. It's ok to be hurt, it's ok to be angry, but don't be impatient with yourself. You will be happy again one day in the near future, but you need to stop looking him up and whenever you notice you're thinking of him, force yourself to think of something else.

    • It's been 2 months only but... feels like eternity, you know?
      Thank you so much for your kind words and advice. I'll try that, blocking him.

    • Two months really is not a very long time so it's understandable that you're still very hurt and also angry. It really takes time. It's good you deleted him and stopped contact, that is always the hardest part for me so to me, it's a big step already that you made yourself do that.

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