Is it bad that me and my ex still occasionally chat?

He broke up with me some months ago because fell out of love with me. It really broke my heart and I must admit that I am still not 100% over him. We were together for 3 years so I guess it's normal. He didn't cheat on me or did anything bad to me, he was amazing throughout whole relationship. I believe he loved me and I loved him too, it is just sad that I'm not the one. But I figured that there's no point in hating him or blaming him. It is what it is and nothing can change that. I probably deserve a more mature guy who knows exactly what he wants, while my ex still has a way to go to reach that level. We never argued or anything, I believe that we were right in the wrong time. He did make me very happy though and I will never forget that, I wouldn't wish that I spent those years any differently. He wanted to stay friends but I told him I can't do that and he respected it. But we stayed civil to each other. Once in a while we ask each other about stuff; for example the last time we talked I asked him what's the name of this one movie that we watched together, because I wanted to watch that movie and I know he is the only one I know who knows the name of that movie, because it's a rare korean movie. So he answered me, gave me the name of the movie and we chat a little bit. He asked me how I'm doing I said I'm good and I asked him back and he told me about his school and that was basically it. It was very nice. Or when I got promoted to a very high position, he called me to congratz me and I thanked him. Happened couple of times more where we also were chating a little bit, moslty about the stuff that we liked doing together but now do alone (movies, tv shows, games, etc.). Like once in 2 or 3 weeks. I read people here are very much against contact with an ex and it got me wondering if this is bad? I don't think much of it. I know it's over and it's still gonna stay over being in contact or not. We are really keeping it as short as possible, though.


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  • Sounds kinda dangerous to me... I would wait a couple of years or so.


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  • I wouldn't necessarily use the word 'bad' but it certainly is unhealthy.
    You two are prolonging the detachment process so it's going to sting like never before once a new love interest comes along.


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