Girls, would u break up with your boyfriend in this situation?

He was looking at stuff on his computer that your friend thught was weird (YOUR FRIEND IS A MAN)

Your friend grabbed the computer and ran away with it to show it to you so your boyfriend tackled him to the ground and took his computer back.

It happened a second time, but the second time, the guy fought back and your boyfriend kicked him in the balls and the stomach
  • Yes i would break up with him
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  • No i wouldn't braek up with him
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What Girls Said 2

  • I get enough violence at work, I don't need that type of behavior in my homelife. So yes, he'd be out.

    • Even though the guy stole his computer?

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    • They both behaved like children.

    • I'd be done with both of them.

  • I'd be disappointed that both my boyfriend and my friend are idiots.


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