Dinner with a "ex", help?

Me and my "ex" guess you could say started recently talking again. We saw eachother for 3 months and things ended because of a personal family issue he has going on in his life also due to a conversation we had the night before with me asking why he had been so distant. When we talked he apologized for "up and leaving" and said I had done everything right I was always caring and there for him. He said he doesn't know when he'll be ready for a relationship because when he is in one he doesn't want to be half in half out. He didn't tell me the exact main reason of why he couldn't be all in but I recently found out from a close friend who is close to him that his dad has cancer the fourth time around (keep in mind he doesn't know I know this). I know we can be something so great we had the most amazing times spent together. I would never up and leave I've always supported him and been there through all the good and bad days. He did also state it makes sense to move on but when I asked to get my things he brought up the idea of him making me dinner. I'm just at a loss here I mean I see the signs and his words couldn't be more clear but what's the dinner about? Is he testing me? or is this a dinner as friends? Also guys if your dad was ill would this still stop you from being with a woman and not knowing what you want?


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  • he is testing you.

    • I feel that way as well he did mention to my bestfriend that sometimes I come off to "empowered" and bold do you think that could be it? I know my personality can be a little head strong sometimes but he also said I did everything right.. but I figured that's just him being the nice guy that he is and not wanting to make me feel bad. I said yes to the dinner but now I feel nervous.

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