Second part of "chances of him regretting (doubt it but I don't know...)?

all of a sudden texts me the next day saying he was sorry everything ended up badly but he would forever love me and he will keep all the pictures and memories he treasures so much even though he had to give up on me so I can actually find someone who can treat me as the queen I deserve to be treated (he was all pissed at me then all of a sudden hurt).

I convinced him one more time that he s all I need but that was it no more responses. did he make his mind sure or maybe not? my close friend and parents said he will soon come back to me after he realizes what he had done. I don't know though because I have high hopes but this decision is all on him.

what are your opinions if u were the guy that still loved this girl who went psycho for a week but then got hurt to see that she actually gave up and planed to move on? is it that easy to move on? any opinions and thoughts please :)

hopefully I get responses even though its so long, thanks for your time :)


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  • its easy to move on.


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