A romantic (not anymore) long story but I want your opinion. What do you think after all?

I met a guy online few months ago. We had the best conversations ever, we were really open and shared personal things. It felt like I was meeting my best friend, everything was easy.

I started to feel attracted and I told him and he said he felt the same way. We have an 8 years difference. At the beginning he was doubtful because I think he thought we were not looking the same.

We were friends on every social media app we had. We both know that there was nothing related to catfish stories.

During my teenage years I have had self-esteem issues, trust issues, confidence issues and even we were getting close I started to doubt about what he said or was doing. We were nothing but I got jelaous because I thought he was dating or texting other girls. One night I got mad/sad at
him because he disappeared and I supposed he was on a date.

I never-ever said a word about anything, I didn't have the right. I never texted him first but he didn't care, meaning I was not clingy at all.

I started to push him away because I felt that I couldn't deal with rejection in case he will meet another girl. Several times he fought against my will but at the end it was too much.

After he was really hurt about me pushing him away and he asking me to be patient I noticed he changed, he was not the same and I told him. He started by saying he needed time but I realized that whatever we had was death. It used to be beautiful/happy but it turned to be sad and hurtful.

Basically I told him I was moving on because we weren't happy. He said "Okay", and hour later "I would like to know what to say". The next day "I hope you find happiness". I didn't reply to any of those messages.

We never met. We live in different countries. I started to have real feelings, he is not a good looking guy but he was an amazing person, he was more than a body.

Two things I never liked were that he forgot my birthday even Facebook sends a notification.

What I did was the right thing to do?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Actually your issues affected whatever you had with him. If it was a good friendship or something else, I'm afraid to say that it's gone, at least now. So, I don't think you did the right thing, you could've trusted him a little more before start taking conclusions that probably were not truth.


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  • The internet is a wonderful tool to meet people, but I do not suggest using it to simply learn all the data about someone. You need to be around them and meet with them. The physical connection we have with people, that is way more important than some people realize. I know you have gone through a lot, but it seems like you're still going though it if you are still having trust issues. This isn't about him, this is about improving yourself so you can be better for the next guy. Learn to trust and let things go. And don't jump to conclusions without data and facts. The only thing you were wrong about was generating a relationship that did not exist. You need to date someone that you can hug, smell, look into their eyes when they talk to you. You need everything, not just the nice things they say, or don't say.

  • I understand you. I was in a similar situation and i was a guy. I had real feelings for her but i wasn't good looking and so only was a friend:(

  • Sounds like you're not compatible


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  • Considering that he lives in another country and you've never met it was probably a good thing to end things. You are very insecure so a LDR is definitely not for you.

    Regardless, you should work on your issues because they will come in the way in other relationships as well.


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