Why he has to block me after year and half?

after breakup, my ex deleted me from facebook... i was bugging him with 'please take me back' requests
he has 'friends only' profile.. that mean i couldn't see anything but his pic or facebook cover

after year and half... he blocked me

we are not talking to each other since he told me that he has moved on ( two months ago)

my question is
why he blocked me when clearly i'm not writing to him on facebook etc..
he dumped me because he thought that i don't like him... which isn't true... i aplogized, cleared this again and again...
plus he thought he could find better than me... :)


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  • I know how it feels... I have been blocked to. But you know what? I have moved on. It is hard, and it hurts, but you know what? If he doesn't treat you right, he doesn't deserve you.


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  • He may have found someone else and wants to prevent you seeing anything. I know you said he has a friends only profile and you can't see much, but maybe he just wants to make sure you really can't see anything because he fears you will see something that will make you message him.


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  • Exes block for one of two reasons. They either feel hurt and they are trying to learn to get over you. Having no contact is a necessary step to take in getting over someone. Or they want you out of their life , with no contact , because they don't like you for whatever reason.


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