So this guy seems to like me, we've hung out in group settings a few times and we always end up talking together, and flirting. I asked him to do something a few weeks ago and we made plans, but then he completely flaked, not calling when he said he would and when I finally called he ended not being able to do anything. We rescheduled and, lo and behold, he didn't call. so I called and said I was busy. now its left at, we will reschedule soon but we haven't set a day and I'm getting frustrated. because it does seem like he likes me. do I give up?


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  • dont give up but don't bug him. I would play hard to get girls always do this and it seems to work lol

  • Same thing happened to me except switch the genders. Asked her to do something after she came back from out of town, we made plans...but she didn't call when she said she would and when I called, she couldn't go. And she didn't offer to reschedule. And hasn't talked to me since. At least you're in a better situation---at least he's been offering/willing to reschedule.


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