What are the signs of your partner cheating?

I found a pair of girls shoes in the back of my bf's car. I asked him about it he said he took his friend to the airport and his friend's wife accidentally left them in his car. I'm not sure about his story. He does not have any history of cheating and we've been together 2 and 1/2 years. Whenever I try to confront him about this he avoids my question which is extremely frustrating. I just want to settle this matter once and for all!


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  • I agree with enlightenment. Offer to drop them by her house. His reaction to this will say it all. Also if you want to find if someone is cheating it's better to keep the first few signs you find to yourself, so if you DO find other things then it's much more clearer as to what is going on. This keeps small lies out of the equation giving you a clearer picture.

  • well is it just his pair of shoes that has you botthered? or is there more? Because the shoes you find out easily...just return them for him!


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