Does it make sense that if my ex is still holding on to me months after the break up he must still be in love with me?

he goes into periods of ignoring me then asking me to hang out. Now a days whenever I text him and he responds it's within a matter of a minute.

When we hang out we act the same just like back when we were together. I mean last time I was there he was feeding me just like old times


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  • Just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup and that it's Goodbye, my love forever. And with Two "EX" who still Mark an X in one another's heart, it doesn't have to Mean Hooked at the hip with the "Way we were" in order for him to Be... Feeding me just like old times.
    You both may have had some problems that led to your Final Decision to call it A day. However, with the Missing the Kissing and the history that you both have shared, a little Newbie Nursing and Nurturing may have been just what the doctor Ordered in a very special way.
    He still wants yo in his life without all the strife, and perhaps is going slow to see if it might one day be a Go for you to be two birds of a feather.
    If you are comfy with what is going on in this cozy nest, then just let Mother Nature do her Planting. These Newer seeds may be much better this time around to Reap a good ol Romance that will lead down a Healthier and Happier path and not end up a War of the Roses this time around.
    Good luck. xx

    • The times tha the decides to put you on his pay no mind list, he is taking his space and feeling it is time for him. If you have a problem with Anything and if you can still be together and hang out and it is like old times, get on the same page with at least a nice compromise. xx

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    • Hi, sweetie.. I am Gone all Labor Day weekend and Not on GAG, so will talk more after Monday.. Happy holidays. xxoo

    • I said that would of been right up your ally haha and you must of been busy at work this past week at work.
      Should I say to him that I would love to hang out with you and catch up? Or is that overdoing it a little?

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  • When will you two officially get back together?

    • Why is he still in love with me or not? Some people say he's not and just stringing me along and I don't know what to believe because he's not contacting me after all? :(

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    • Really is he saying that? He really didn't say the word later he said the word now. I don't know. Can he's stubborNess and pride be why he's not doing anything?

    • What do you think now?

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  • I call it "the easy way out". He is sticking around out of obligation, guilt and boredom. He maybe still have some feelings, but what do you get out of it? Nothing. He doesn't want to be with you anymore and as soon as he finds something or someone else to do, he will be long gone and then you will come back here asking why he disappeared. Don't do that to yourself. A lot of us already been there and I know I am not the only one who's gonna advice you to stop hanging out with him. You can stay civil and respond if he really needs something important, but besides that just ignore him. He is selfish for dragging you along after dumping you. Or was it you that dumped him?

    • Most people move on after a break up?

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    • You asked me to comment, but little_bird1 is the only one who actually has the best idea of what's going on. I'd add more but she pretty much hits it on the head. Just from a guys perspective, if he's spending time with you but not committing to you, it's actually a really bad thing.

    • @Azkaban
      We'll now I'm ignoring him

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