Is my Ex Being Hot and Cold?

We were dating for 3 weeks, we had a lot of fun and i think i made her happy during the relashionship. We broke up 4 weeks ago (She Did - I think she lost interest on me or get scared because went too fast, i don't know). The day we broke up i tried get her back for the following 4 days then i stoped talk to her.

Passed 1 week and 1 day she talked to me, she started saying that misses me and being cute and interesting on conversation at the end she went sleep i gave her good night, honestly i went maybe too friendly with her, i can't avoid everythime i talk to someone i am cute and etc. On the morning i told her Good Morning and hope she have great day, there she went a bit cold like "Thanks and you too". Passed 3 days i talked to her again, that day went interesting again i said i went to vacations for a week and she instatly reply "Don't you want take me" and who i will be with on those vacations, i said I wouldn't mind take her but she was too far away to pick her, and only with my parents, after that she asked "Did you met anybody else?" i said no and asked (of course) if she met anybody else too, she said no then i gave her excuse i will watch movie and i asked her if there is any interesting movie that she recommends to watch, she gave me the movie "Dear John". Passed 24h she asked me "Did you already forget me?" I asked what she means she said from love way i said obviously that no then next following days she started being interesting on the conversation also, she send me a print of her phone with a heart of us, i gave her my opinion of the movie and she said had special to see together and if i wanted also apply to cinema, also she said would like meet me again even marked day and hour but she didn't show up, she said that forgot, i said when you want tell me. Basicly when i came back home she have been cold to me. Now she doesn't even reply to my text messages, most of them. What i do? I applyed NC during the '1 week and 1 day' mention above, please help
If you don't understand something i'm sorry, please feel free to ask or anything that could or even help help me on getting her back more drive out this crazy feeling of talking to her, etc..

Thanks a lot to all who will help me or even try!


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  • Give her space...
    It reads that you over pursue her

    • I don't think i over pursue her but ok.. i will give her space..

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  • giver her space.

    • I'm afraid that giving her space might forget me.. She says that She likes me and didn't forget about me..

  • give her space.


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