I want answers, what does he want from me?

We knew each other over 4 years and was in a relationship in the past but broke up. We reunited in 2014 but this time it was much deeper. We split February of this year and since then he's been trying to get back with me and he sends me messages via Facebook. He's 23 and I'm 30. Does he still love me or something? What does he want? I no longer live in NJ and moved to PA. Since the breakup he had a girlfriend but to my knowlegde they're no longer together. Whatever. I just want answers.


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  • The relationship between you'r broke up was a rebound relationship (Probably).

    I'm pretty sure he still loves you and misses you, probably was his mistake to broke up with you

    If he's been trying to get back with you, that means that he loves you

    I believe that. But i can be wrong.


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  • Well since one of answers helped befire and i was given moh, ill help you with this one. If a guy is off and on with you then there is no communication, he is also trying to connect with you but kibda fibd hard to. His gurl he had before probably wasn't as good as you and he realised it. He also could be looking fir nothing serious.


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