How do I know she's not cheating me?

like I think my girlfriend is cheating on me but I'm not sure because she's acting real suspicious lately and hiding things behind my back I'm not do I know if she's cheating on me?

please help thanks


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  • There aren't any guidelines that you could follow (you couldn't read her reactions per se'); though there are a few things to look out for.

    1) Look for her conscious (re)actions.

    - If she is trying to be around other men that find her attractive, then she may be cheating

    - Is she busy with work / school? Maybe it looks like she doesn't love you - but she is only busy.

    2) Compare what she says, to the way she acts:

    - ("I love you!" + a "half second" kiss + running away to another guy) = Bad relationship

    - "I'll be there at 7pm" (then at 7:30pm she calls) "Hey sorry I'm busy with Joe, I'll be there in 5"

    - "I love you babe, but I'm really busy" + she tries to see you = Good relationship (in most cases)

    3) The way your gut feels

    - If you feel like she is cheating = Bad relationship

    - If your worried about her cheating = Your human

    Think about the situation, but don't stress yourself out - otherwise the relationship will fail. Communicate with her and let her know that you are worried about the happiness in your relationship. If things don't change - break it off; if things fix themselves, try to spend more time with her =)

    To me - it seems like your looking for more attention. She doesn't know that yet - so tell her and show her what you're looking for.

    Best regards,



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  • First trust your instincts, and has she given you any real reasons to justify you thinking she is cheating? Has her behavior toward you changed? any new phone numbers, secret calls, texts, does she go to another room to talk or when you ask who it is does she seem either p*ssed by you asking or like she is trying to come up with who it is? does she keep her phone by her at all times, never leaving it laying around. Does she care if you answer it or would she be p*ssed if you did? Has she started dressing differently? Getting more fixed up lately? Does she seem distant from you at all?

    If you answered NO to most of these, she is probably NOT cheating, if you answered YES to 3 or more, I would say pay more attention and look for proof. Don't accuse her, but talk to her about your concerns, tell her it would hurt if you broke up, but not only would it hurt but you would be betrayed if she were to cheat. That ultimately if she needs space, freedom or she wants to experience other things all she has to do is tell you and you will understand. (NOW SURE THIS WILL HURT LIKE HELL, but it will be best, because trust me if your cheated on for real it will tear you down in ways you never knew existed. IT will take a LONG time to get over being insecure and untrusting if your cheated on even if you get someone great next time) GIVE her the OPTION to get out, this will either wake her up or make her feel guilty which if she is even thinking of cheating she should feel guilty, but HOPEFULLY IT WILL MAKE HER DO THE RIGHT THING whether that is realize how much you mean to her and make you realize how much you mean to her, or leave... But always keep your eyes open, and trust until you have reason not to.


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  • It is always difficult to peep into somebody's heart and know his actual feelings and desires as well as his or her attitude. Though this task is very difficult yet some people are wise enough to judge and note the feelings and desires of others. Once you develop relations especially with girls, you should be sensible enough to note her actual feelings and demands. So far your question that how can you tell if a girl is cheating on you though difficult to answer yet some efforts can be made in this regard.

    Usually girls are very much expert in hiding their actual feelings and desires. If you want to judge about your girlfriend that she is cheating on you or not you will have to take some measures and methods. Test her on different occasions without her notice and if she does not prove worthy, that means she is not sincere to you. Give her chances to deal with other boys freely and notice her movements. If she does not bother about other boys, that means she is sincere to you and in other case if she takes interest in other boy better than you that means she is cheating on you.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

  • She is cheating once you start to believe it you start to wonder, in most cases unless you can change who she is you will become controling from the I think she is cheating asking more questions she's being stressed. Now she no longer comes around that much so you argue more. Anybody getting drilled will fill controlled want change, now you feel she doesn't care etc... till the break up the key is not to worry about it will come to light if she is, also you might feel you wanna know now. You might not know now cause you might not be able to deal with it mentally now or learn signs now to catch or prevent later you never now just enjoy each others time cause some people are for Life, seasons and evenings. hope I helped

  • You can't know unless she tells it..


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