Why does he treat me like this?

My ex broke up with me about 2 months ago, and ever since then it hasn't been the same, I was sad and was wanting to get back with him so bad, and he eventually texted me 3 days later saying he missed me and stuff. Ever since that happened we've been in contact with each other. And it led to us actually seeing each other sometimes. Except the fact that he treats me as if I'm his girlfriend when I'm there and I feel like we're together but i know that he's texting and meeting up with other girls. He told me that it was be okay that by I was talking to other people too and have us still see each other so more like an open relationship. I did exactly that but to be honest I'm not even doing anything sexual with anyone but him yet he accuses me and doesn't trust me that I'm having sex with JUST him and all those other people I'm texting are just friends. It's like he gets mad at me if I'm texting other people.. but doesn't expect me to get mad at him when he actually goes out and meets other women. He tells me that I'm a slut for just talking and it makes me cry so much and it hurts me, he even told me that he hates me sometimes, what I'm doing is really bad? Its tearing me apart.. I'm with him right now and earlier he got even more upset with me because I'm talking to a guy that calls me gorgeous, beautiful etc and I don't even flirt back. To the point where he asks me to leave and never talk to him. What should I say to him? I'm so confused about what he wants from me.
Okay let me set this straight. HE proposed the open relationship to me and at first I didn't want to do it, but I thought that if I did would make him happy. He told me I can talk to other people but when I'm just talking as friends nothing more he gets upset and doesn't even believe that it's him that I only want to talk too. He truly love him and I hate that he treats me like this. He feels like since i talk a lot of people i fuck them, when i have sex with only him
And the fact that I TRY to talk to him but he pushes me away, and it hurts me so much. I don't know what to say to him now. He has said so many horrible things to me and I still forgive him. He has had sex with two women because he told me himself and yes I was upset but I'm not acting the way he's acting. And he'll constantly make remarks about girls when I'm actually with him and he still texts other women when I'm around, but when I at least say hi to a friend he gets all mad


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  • Okay, so he broke up with you but is still treating you like his girlfriend? as if he is still in a relationship with you? I don't understand what he wants? does he want you back? has he spoken to you about that? from your post it doesn't look like that?

    Okay you mentioned about open relationship? who proposed that him or you? and you accepted it? was he okay with that if you had proposed it? I don't understand open relationship means you are free to do what you want, you can even have a sexual relationship but with the consent of your partner/boyfriend/lover whatever the term may be but for that you need to be in a relationship with your boyfriend, in your case you both are not even together so how is the term open relationship applicable to you both? I don't understand it's confusing, you said you both broke up 2 months ago, so that you are single, so logically speaking the term open relationship doesn't apply to you or to him for that matter. You are free to explore your options in any way you want too. It's confusing, I don't understand what does he want from you?

    Please go ahead and correct if I have misunderstood something. Whatever it may be, whether he is your boyfriend or ex-boyfriend he is not treating you right, that's for sure.


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  • Oh my goodness this is exactly me girl, I dated this guy for a month for fun and yeah I was younger then he cheated on me and well I left him just to text him back two or three days after saying I missed him, we became "fwb" as he said and now I have the exact same problem with him. Honestly I'm bad at advice but I can't let this one slide cos you're really hurt and I feel you. Just try to talk with him about it and even if you guys don't end up resolving it just remember that it's just one guy you'll get over him I promise. It's not your fault that you got attached and wanted him back but the way he's treating you now isn't acceptable. You guys might want to take time off or consider being just friends and setting some boundaries. Also, don't be afraid to call the shots, if he wants you to still be in his life as a friend then he will understand if not screw him. Take care darling.


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  • Try do this: NC Rule (No Contact Rule) it helps you and him get away that anger and missing him so much. Then try again get back if you love him.

    I created a doc explaining about the NC Rule you can read it here: 1drv. ms/1TSCZbe


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