Girls, My ex started posting about how a man should be on facebook?

It doesn't bother me just makes me curious. Me and my ex broke up and then right away she started posting all these memes about what a man should be on facebook. I still love her and would like to be with her but my life is changing like crazy for the better and it seems like when I started sharing it she started doing this. Whats going on? She never posted things like that before.
My life started changing like this right after the breakup.


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  • Were there any reason for your break up? It might be related. Plus, it could be that because your life has gotten better and you're sharing all of the news, she thinks that the breakup never affect you, so it bothers her. She wants to see you feel and look just as broken as she is. Look at what these memes are saying. That's also another hint.

    • Yeah honestly there was 2 times where I tried to talk her out of it and then 1 time she told me why she left me. She pretty much said it was because I wasn't progressing in my life and being independent which honestly I wasn't really. After that I've refrained from initiating any conversation. But soon after things just happened to fall into place then she started doing this?

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    • Yeah I found a place to live and when I posted it on my news feed on facebook. She messaged me within 20 minutes

    • So it must be a good sign. As long as she sees you improving, she might think about going back out with you

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  • She's feeling bitter or maybe its not pertaining to you. I wouldn't care too much about it. I believe "What's in the past should stay in the past".

  • If you love her why did you guys break up?

    • i explained it to another person below if you want to see. Tell me what you think

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