alone for the first night in 8 years, and so alone, i need words of encouragement, can anyone help?

I have been with my man for 8years, and we have a beautifull 5 year old little girl. Tonight is my frst night without them. I feel so alone and afraid i lost my strength for anything, I just keep crying and listening to music. If anyone knows how im feeling, Id love to have some encouraging words right now.


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  • I can relate to how you are feeling, but sometimes you don't realise how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

    Tomorrow you will wake up and and realise you survived the first night without them... so tomorrow you will be stronger than you are today.

    You become strong when you are face to face with your greatest weakeness... so if there comes a time you feel alone like this again, you know that you do have the strength to cope without them because you have already challenge your fear... which is being without them.

    💜😊 xx

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    • your not prying i promise. have you gone through this? I only ask cause you seem to understand how im feeling. I love your meaning for True Strengths, im gonna keep telling myself that. Today was a lot of distraction of just trying to keep busy, but night time and morning is when im the most lost. I understand cause iv slept in the same bed when my ex for almost 8 years and now its empty. i cuddle with a pillow that smells like our home we had together and i cuddle with a big teddy bear to try to help. i know its only been 1 night and im about to try to lay down for night #2 wish me luck.. Ill need it.

    • I can relate to how you feel, although my circumstances are a little different. Night time is always the worst , it seems to be the time when you miss people more and and hurt the most. I hope you have a peaceful rest. Good luck xx 💜

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  • You're not technically all alone, you have your daughter. I will say that you will need to just go with the flow. Meaning allow yourself to cry your eyes out. First off, stop listening to music because thats going to make you even more emotional. Next make plans to go out and do things you have never done before with friends or with your daughter.

    You will get through this beautiful and I know that it will take time.

    • I took your advise and stopped the music. and i got to Skype my daughter today so that helped out soo much. just feel lost.. nothing is what it was, adapting to change has never been my strong suit.

  • It's okay, you deserve your alone time, you are your own person and you can be by yourself. Take this time to do stuff you enjoy, give yourself a little spa, read a book, take a bath and relax because not everyone is lucky enough to have their alone time ;) its ok xx



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