Girls, Why is my ex girlfriend acting like this?

We broke up a moth ago and a week after she started seeing another guy. I broke up wit her but regret it afterwards but her family told her not to go back to me. And she said she didn't love me and all that stuff. A week after that she texted me and sayd she missed me. I kept cool about it. Everytime we talk she rubbed this guy in my face about how great he is and she's falling for him. I then broke contact for almost two weeks and we started talking again. She conacted me first because she wasn't happy that i talked to one of her friends. Then we texted like friends for a few days and she sends me this sad song of how she still cares for me and that she will always be there no matter how far appart we are. I send her a song back that made her cry a bit and she then became quite for a while and told me she can't talk now. Then the next day We texted again and she said thanks for the song i sent her with a sad face. I asked her whats wrong she said its nothing. Then she sent me a kiss and i sent one back, she replied with a heart and a flower and thats how we used to text when we still dated. But the problem is she still sees the other guy and i dont know what to do. They are together for one month now. I really love my ex with all my heart. We saw each other a few days ago where i picked up some of my stuff and i left again, she later asked me why i didn't stay to talk a bit.. I told her i dont want to take up much of her time and she replied and said dont be silly and that i will never ever bother her in any way. I dont know what to do.


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  • Just move on, you will find someone better.

  • Me? I would run away, move even.
    1) if YOU didn't piss off her family, then she complained too much about you to them = a really rocky, unhappy future with her/family... who needs this?
    2) she makes bad decisions and maybe puts the blame on others, lies to make her world feel better, employs manipulation (throw new guy in your face to make you jealous, even maybe make another play for her)
    3) she wants you back, certainly a "fix" regularly, maybe like things used to be
    4) most yo-yos don't know what to do - like you stated - why continue being one to a fickle gal?
    5) I like direct talk/comms that come straight from the heart & zero backstabbing = some other gal than this one


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