ARRRGH So Frustrated!! What does he Want?

About 6 months ago I broke up w/my ex of 3 years and he has text me randonly, I tried being nice but things turned ugly so he sent me this text: "Sorry I've been non-responsive and inconsistent. I've had a lot going on the past few months. I feel the only way to move forward is to ignore the past and start fresh. Wether we end up together or not, nothing happpens positively until you look to the future and stop focusing on the past. I've been trying to reach out to you only to have resolution and peace without a battle, sorry if I get frisky sometimes... you're hot what can I say (kissy face)" I suggested meeting up months ago and he just says "this week is not a good time." I don't know what he wants? How does he plan on getting resolution, what does that even mean? Thanks in advance!


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  • Well, I would wait and see, it could very well be that he is busy. Honestly he is going to be as conflicted as you are, three years is a long time a lot of emotional investment and so thats not going to be easily resolved within a short period of time. I would say just wait to see how he responds, maybe wait for him to text you back to see how he feels and whether or not he wishes to continue to commuincate and have a relationship with you (whatever it maybe friends/more etc).


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  • He's playing with you by being all wishy-washy. He has you thinking about him, yet he doesn't respond those two things are completely passive-aggressive. So he clearly wants to mind fuck you and unfortunately it sounds like it's working. To get out of it all you need to do is drop the rope and walk away.

    • But what is the point for him to do this? Seems waste of time/energy...

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    • Makes sense.. he always says he's "not in my league" I guess he's just insecure and immature :/

    • Basically yes

  • Why waste time on a guy like that? Just move on don't be with guys who don't know what they want and have such a messy life.


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  • Ignore him please.


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