What do I do about a crazy ex boyfriend?

So me and my ex recently broke up. He took it really bad calling me a slut, bitch, etc. I have never cheated on him and broke up with him bc of his paranoid, jelouse behavior. While dating his guy ms girl friends became mine as well. After the break up I got coffee with one of his friends to talk about how he's handling it. This friend is 15 and as young as my little brother. I'm 19, but when my ex found out I had coffee with him he blew up wanting to fight him, called me a grimy slut bc he thinks I'm sleeping with him and went as far as to put an exposed picture I sent him when we were together online. He also harasses me by txting me and calling me. What do I do


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  • Your friend could report him for threatening him especially since he is only a minor. I do not know if revenge porn is illegal or not though it should be.

  • Ignoring him is the best defence. He's trying to goad you into a free for all fight. Don't take the bait. If you ignore him long enough, he's going to find another girl and then it will become her problem. If push comes to shove, and you have to say something, tell him your life and what you do is no longer his business. He can do what he wants but you'll never go back to him.

    It sounds to me like he's a typical insecure, immature, teenage control freak. Make sure you don't fall for another guy like that. There are too many of them around!!


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