What is good for sinusitis?

how do I cure my sinusitus?


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  • I get them ALL the time. This is gross but TOTALLY works. When you feel the start of a sinus infection, get a warm cup of water and put salt in it. Mix it up. Taste it to be sure it isn't too salty or you will be sorry! Plug one nostril and suck the salt water up into the other nostril. Then, let the water run out of your nose (some may go down the back of your throat). You can also gargle with it. Do this with the other nostril. Do several times until you use the water up. Your nose will run. Do this maybe twice a day (AM and PM). Sometimes I can actually stop the sinus infection this way...kills the bacteria. I also take ibuprofin. Hope this helps. I think there is also something similar you can buy in the store called a "neti pot" or something like that. Same concept.

    • The neti pot is pretty cool actually. I have one because I have bad sinuses so I use it often. It works pretty good unless you tilt it the wrong way so it goes down your throat and into your mouth. You should invest in one if this happens often to you or if you want to fix it quickly.

    • Okay thanks! I will get one. I was trying to use my own "cheap" method but I guess I should invest in one given how many of them I get :(

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