Was he my soulmate?

About 5 months ago my boyfriend broke up via text message after having been in a relationship for half a year. Things were going amazing, I always had his back and supported him, no matter what, but also gave him his personal space and time for himself or to hang out with his friends. I feel like we had the perfect balance. His text came out of nowhere. We talked compleately normal the day before. His text said that he liked me so much and that I was the most prefect girlfriend he ever had, but that I deserve something better than him and that he couldn't do this right now.
Now, 4 months later I'm still mad at him for breaking up via text message but I also can't stop thinking about him. Every night I just fall asleep thinking of how I wish he was here with me. I just miss him so much and after everything he put me through I just can't be mad at him. I love him like I have loved no one else before. I'm only 25 and still kinda young but do you think I found my soulmate in him?


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  • There are two dangerous ideas that you are playing around with. The first is the fact that there are no soulmates. The simple idea that just one person out there is right for you is terrible. Anyone can be replaced. I know I sound cruel saying that, but if he isn't up to dating you, that's no him and you can find someone who is ready to date you. The second is that you think the text message came out of nowhere. There is no such thing as 'out of the blue'. I guarantee that he put some thought about it, even on a subconscious level about dumping you. The only missing part was when he decided to execute it in such a pathetic manner. It's natural that your thoughts still linger on him and in a lot of ways you still love him. But he doesn't feel the same. Even if he came back and told you he made a terrible mistake, he's already betrayed you leaving you to wonder if he's leave you so easily again. The seeds of mistrust have been sown and even after five months, you haven't completely absorbed the blow. You were chosen second and you aren't someone to be chosen second, or third. You are a number one girl, and the guy that you're going to end up with will make you feel like you guys are soul mates because he would never hurt you like that. He is not a good guy, because no decent gentleman would ever hurt a girl in such a way. He should have sat you down and explained his issues with you, but rather he cowered away. I'm not saying be mad at him, but I am saying you need to move on and find your real soul mate.


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  • If he was... he wouldn't have broken up you cowardly with a text message! You might've been on the same wavelength for many things, but that is not all that matters for a happy and fulfilling relationship. Respect is something important too, and he did not show any for you. Do not contact him again. And move on dear, I am sure you will meet many other soulmates out there.


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