After 2 years, I realized I'm in love with my ex boyfriend who now has a girlfriend. Help?

My ex and I broke up about 2 1/2 years ago. Our breakup started of mutual but then he realized that's not what he wanted. He texted me and my friends nearly daily trying to get me back for about 2 months and then every few weeks for the next month. I barely ever answered him (bitch I know, but that's how I had to cope with the breakup). About 6 months after our break up he jumped into another relationship, they've been dating for 2 years now. I've always known that I still love him, but now it's like crazy intense feelings that I need and want him back. I don't think it's just cause I'm lonely either because I actually like being single.

Keep in mind, he deleted me off of every social media, even Facebook. I haven't talked to him in 2 years. However I still go on his Facebook every now and then (psycho I know) and he's always searching my profile.

Do I have even the slightest chance of getting him back?
I wanted nothing to do with this guy for the past 2 years. I knew he would hold a place in my heart but I told myself I would never ever get back/want to get with him. These are just recent feelings.


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  • you need to move on.


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