Guys, is commitment phobia real?

So, I've read that commitment phobia is real and it's not. I've heard that some guys just keep a girl around for long time and never commit bc they are waiting for the right one and others say its true. I first started dating a guy 13 years oldr than me a year and half ago. I knew from the start there were red flags. one being he's 35 and nvr married. I think he tried to hint he had problems. Slowly noticed him consistently bringing up a girl who broke his heart years ago. Thing have been on and off and I would say i chased him a little but there were times he chased me. It just ended (for the last time i think) apparently bc my friend went up to him downtown and called him and ass and stuff. He said there was too much drama between us and i think it was bc he could see i was getting more attached. he's pretty much told me he has commit. issues. he said there were many other reasons for it ending and that i should meet a nice guy but wouldn't tell me reasons. It rlly seems that it was a girl years ago that screwed him up and now he won't do relationships. all he does is go out w his buddies and not get serious w girls. i would bet i was the closest he's been for a while. He doesn't own pets, has a cactus as a pet as a joke (but not rlly sure it is a joke), limits time he spends w girl he's seeing ( i think as to not get attached). He told me that saying bye shouldn't be a big deal bc i talk bad about him to my fam and friends and then changes his mind and then tells me to move on again. This time he rlly meant it i think because he was just like its time we both move on i wish u well and do care and will miss u but life moves on and life moves on for u bc u won't let anyone care about u and he said take care little miss. I guess im just mind boggled at him. I know there are somem guys who never wanna settle down but its crazy to think its bc one girl broke his heart. he's a very funny guy and i know has a heart somwhere. just sad and wanted opinions.


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  • Yes it is because in a serious relationship you must sacrifice your freedom.


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