I was dating a guy... we broke up. some of his stuff is still here... and he has the keys.. he is not on my lease... what do I do?

I have left texts as to when I'm not home so he can get his stuff
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Thanks texted him this morning... asking him when he is getting his stuff and giving me my keys... he called right after and said he is getting his stuff tomorrow... hope he doesn't make a scene... and i hope its all gone so when i come back from work.. im finally at peace... being used financially is draining.. and sad... i hope he sees his wrong doing in the future and has remorse.. but for now I'm glad im almost free


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  • You have to be kidding? Why haven't you changed the locks and why would you want him coming by when you aren't there?


Most Helpful Girl

  • @AngryHorny is Right... Change your locks, it will be worth the little extra money so No more failures and financial burdens with this loser.
    Leave all of his things in front or with a friend or so he can can pick everything up with All necessary arrangements ahead of time. No contact and no Enabling him to come back like a Thief in the nite in your own life.
    Good luck. xx


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What Guys Said 2

  • Change your locks. Throw his stuff out on the street and hope someone takes it away.

  • Most places have laws that after so long that stuff is yours and u would change your locks


What Girls Said 1

  • Tell him to come to pick his stuff up. When you ARE at home! You don't have to talk to him about anything if you don't want to. Ask a friend to be there with you if you wish.
    If he does not come in a reasonable time, leave it to a trusted friend of his and let him know.


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