Why is my ex's mom asking details about me?

I texted my ex's mom because she previously told me she was having surgery. Then she asked me if I found a job because I previously told her I was looking. So I told her I found a job but then she was asking me details like where and when do you start.
Why is she asking me details? Is she going to tell my ex because I don't want him to know?
Guy's your opinion please?
Guy's help!!!


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  • Just politely say to her I dont' want to give this type of information out to people. Its none of her business. Why are still in contact with your ex's mum in the first place. Its your ex and your ex's mum, so just move on. You don't owe them anything.

    • Remember they are not paying you for that information. Stop going round telling people what are you doing in terms of job situation, courses at college. If people ask you, I am not doing anything at the moment. It does not benefit you, telling people what you are doing with your life, you will just bring trouble on yourself, which you have done. Keep your mouth shut about your life.

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    • Its up to you now. I am done on this topic. I am becoming to think. you are a troll now. Bye

    • I am not. He also said l time I asked him "I don't want to get back together now" so I figured he would later, right?

Most Helpful Girl

  • just say you are not sure when you start yet.

    • I already told her. I mean I guess it's not a big deal but do you think she's going to tell him

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  • He is just being nosy

    • So she's going to tell him?
      What what's the point of that and why would he care?

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  • she's gonna tell him.

    • I thought so too but why? Why would he care?

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