Will my boyfriend break up with me?

My boyfriend and I got back together about a month ago after a break. We have been together for a year and some months. I had been acting clingy while he had so much on his plate. We took about two months apart. Then we had a heart-to-heart to apologize to each other and to assess where things went wrong. We were working on patching things up.

Since getting back together last month, things have been really good, probably the best ever. He has been amazing since we got back together. He has made strides to be more communicative and making more time for me. I was also doing well, getting to be more independent again.

There's also the factor that he is moving away for a short-term work assignment. But we had agreed to maintain our relationship. He's moving next week. We literally have a week left in the same city.

I have sometimes come off as overbearing and nagging. I somehow felt that what I was doing was good for the relationship (pushing for even better communication, etc.). I also think my anxiety over him leaving played a huge part in my 'overbearing-ness'.

This week, he has a huge ton on his plate regarding work, his family, and the move. He even called to say he'd be MIA and not so accessible because of everything he has to do.

I totally understood and appreciated that he told me. It was comforting, and I was functioning well throughout the day today.

It all fell apart when I overtexted for trivial things even though I knew he was busy and I was ok with us doing our own things. I seriously don't know what I was thinking.

He got frustrated.

Though I apologized, he said it was suffocating and that he was sorry.

What does this mean he's sorry? Is this his way of breaking up? I didn't want to overdo it with the explaining and apologizing lest it stressed him even more. He said he felt suffocated, so I'm letting him breathe. How do I apologize?


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  • I believe that he was sorry for being frustrated by what you did. When someone gets angry they tend to do/say things that are hurtful or what they wouldn't normally say if they were calmed down. I wouldn't say that he is going to breakup up with you though, although if you keep on doing things like you mentioned then you will ultimately drive him away from you.


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  • Well, I don't think he is breaking up with you, it doesn't seem that way to me at least. Surely I hope not. Sometimes when a person is stressed they tone in which they say can come off as confusing but probably they don't mean it, hence what I would suggest is when your boyfriend gets back to his normal state you can ask him what did he mean when he told you sorry. Who knows your fears would be proved wrong? you could also be overthinking right?

  • You need to repair the damage immediately, before the relationship crumbles.


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