Girls, Social media and the meanings, my ex and I have been broken up and she has saved two pictures of us an not changed her relationship status?


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  • Perhaps she is Not ready here, dear, to Change Anything right now until she is Sure that with the Other Tweetie birds Looking, that the Both of you are truly Not this Item anymore. She may feel that if things would patch themselves up, tongues would have been wagging to the 'Changed her relationship status,' she would have had to Explain That and Then... Why you and her got back together as two birds of a feather after the Spit split.
    Good luck. xx

    • She has already removed all but two pics of us. So that's why I don't understand why not the status toi

    • lol... She hasn't Totally moved on, Not quite 100% Ready to "Remove" herself altogether. There is always that One something sometimes that would enable someone to just go ahead and do it but has not come to Grips just yet and these 2 pix may be very special to her.:)) xxoo

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  • Depends on how long after the break up we are talking of. It is in the initial stage after a break up then maybe she hasn't been on FB again but if she was and still didn't change her status then it seems very strange. Who broke up with who and what were the reasons?

    • She said she was drained by me and I got diagnosed with a mental illness that in taking care of. The day before she told me that she needs someone confidence and strong. She also sa said that she feels I don't listen to her but I did. Because of my illness it made it harder to interput things so we'd argue about dumb stuff. I don't think she understands that. We live together at first it was ok let's live together and see if we get along the it was this is unhealthy for u and I so i have till oct 1st to find a place , and then
      She messaged. E saying I'm not getting back in a relationship with you but uypu can stay as long as we can be friends. She's been on Fb and took pics of us Down except two. So she has had the chance to to do it. That's what I don't get

  • That depends... How long were you guys together? plus it depends on the reason for splitting. She could still have hope that y'all will work out in the end after some cooling off period. I just broke up with my man yesterday after 8 years of being with him and a kid together, it was a mutual break up kinda, we both were just done fighting so much and seeing how it hurts our daughter to see us fight. But its still hard. I officially took everything down today just so i don't see the past and so i can worry about my future.
    Sorry for going on a rant about my thing but i only tell you that because I know my ex and I will not get back together so in my opinion she still has hope for you guys. But the thing is, if you know there is no hope and its done, then it needs to be clear so there is no False Hope in anyone's eyes. But that's just my opinion, i hope it helped

  • It's strange she hasn't changed her status yet. How long have you been broken up for?

    • Last Thursday she said was the final straw. Fri she said I'm over it then sun was we are nothing

    • It's possible she's in denial about it? It's the only reason I can think of

    • Yet she still wants to live together and doesn't want me to text her unless it's relievent

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