How Do You Truly Get Over Someone Who Hurt You?

I've been having some issues with a guy I really like. If you check my previous posts you'll get what has been going on with us. It has been some time since I talked to him and I'm still hurting. It sucks that he has someone new and is so happy (that's what he told me when he called me only to brag to me about her) and I don't have anyone new. I haven't been approched by any guys and the online dating scene is just a bunch of slime balls that want to hook up. I don't want to feel like this anymore and I want to get over it and never think about him again. How do you REALLY get over someone you really cared about and hurt you? Why is it that the people use others and treat them like crap get to be happy?


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  • From the story it seems like he want you to hurt. Him calling you to let you know how good things are going is a way for to try to get over you. Things I did to get over someone was exercise and play basketball. Those the things that help me keep my mind off that person.
    So whatever it is that you like to do, you should do it. Take time out and love yourself by doing things for you.
    So many guys make the mistake to move into a new relationship really fast to get over a person. Let him make the mistake and block all contacts with him and move on.


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  • He phoned you to brag? He sounds pathetic lol. Listen, it's really as simple as he doesn't deserve all the power you give him, to control your emotions.

    Any time you start to feel anxious or upset, let the feeling go... don't bottle it up, let it go. Do something else with your time, speak to a friend, read your book. Don't waste any energy on someone who isn't worthy of it. Simple :)

    One day, it won't hurt as much, and a week later; even less- and so on, until he's just a distant memory- but you have to allow yourself to let the shit go!

    • Yeah he phoned me to brag. Several time after I hung up on him. Now he's blocked from everything even social media so he can't contact me. I'm just mad he did it.

    • Good for you! Yeah I've had someone do that and he knew I was low so he made sure to tell me that I'm basically nothing and how I'm really dumb, compared to her amongst a whole host of other things. But once you realise that this is something they felt they needed to do, just to get a reaction from you, it puts it all into perspective. How pathetic they are.

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  • its not him that hurt you , not really , its the separation and also your yearning for him that hurts.
    a separation requires a grieving period , it will past , but releasing him for the cause is the first step.
    People meet and walk on a journey , sometimes a day , a month , 10 years or a lifetime,
    Your next journey is in front of you.

  • Indulge yourself in activities that interest you.. such as some hobbies or something. Trust me, they'll help! Keep yourself occupied. Or get so busy that you won't have time to think about him.

  • You will never get over this dude if you permit him to stay in your life as a friend. My suggestions are as follows:

    1) Block his number etc on your phone
    2) Delete pics of you 2 together
    3) Take a deep breath, and

    move on. You CAN do it and living well is the best revenge.

  • I'm in somewhat of a similar situation. Minus my ex and I still live together and she is very distant and says she hates me and even hit me today cause I called her on her shit. Then I accidentally l locked her out so she took it the complete wrong way but then she ripped my head phones out. The best thing you can do is focus on yourself and let yourself heal. The only reason he is doing this is because he is trying to keep your attention incase it doesn't work out with his new flame. Like my ex posts pics in fb to show how happy she is without Me when honestly she just wanted attention or a response from me. Time will heal the wounds promise you that.

  • give it time and eventrually, it will pass. If it doesn't then you got a condition.


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  • To get over the person you have to cut them out of your life completely. Make sure there is no way he can call you. And if he somehow does, hang up! I know I hate to hang up on people because I don't want to seem rude. But this guy does not deserve any more of your precious time!

    You were giving him money and supporting him, and he has the nerve to tell you how great things are with this new girl when you put your foot down and refused to be used? Ugh! I can't believe this guy!

    Stop seeing his posts on facebook, remove him from your friends list if you have him on there, take him off of instagram, or any other things you have.

    Tell your friends not to talk about him, and just do things you enjoy.

    Get out and meet new people. Even if it's not someone you want to date, it doesn't hurt to go out for a coffee with someone.

    It takes time, sometimes a while before you can find someone new. The only reason he found someone so fast, I would have to guess is she was in his life already.

    To me, his moving on fast seems like nothing more than desperation on his part. He needed you to support him, and when you refused he had to find someone else. Otherwise how else could he fund himself? It's not like he was going to do it!

    He probably doesn't even care about this girl. By the sounds of it, he did it because he was using you for money.

    Try to realize that you are now better off without him. A guy who truly loves you is going to love and support you and not use you as a bank. That goes for guys too! Girls who love them are not going to just see them as a walking atm.

    It's definitely going to take time, and it's perfectly normal to feel the way you do. You have been hurt by someone you love and that sucks big time!

    Do your best to keep busy. I find that really helps!

    This guy may seem to be happy, but it's a facade. He isn't really happy. His life must suck that he has to have people around to fund his life. I don't know his situation, but if he was using you for money, the truth is he's probably using her now. So is this really a good situation? No, you seem to have won. You get your life back and now you don't have him using you all the time :) One day you will see how truly freeing that really is :)

  • Sometimes you never get over the hurt.. time just helps you to learn to live with the pain. In life... pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional, because a lot of the pain you are dealing with is your own thoughts. Your own memory can be your worst enemy. So it's best to keep busy and keep your mind preocupied , so you don't think of him so much.

    Gradually, you will think of him less & less until one day , you can think of him and smile instead of crying 💜 xx


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