What does my ex mean when he says "I don't want to get back together now". I took it as maybe he will later or like he's planning on it later?

Down the road, right?
Guy's please answer, help!!!
Comment please!!!


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  • I wouldn't read anything into it... I would operate like we were never getting back together... so my hopes would not be high at all.

    • I am because I know I can't hold onto that but did he mean he wants to get back together or no?

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    • He "appears" to be behaving like he wants to get back together. Yes, he's probably confused.

    • You think he's confused?
      How is he behaving to make you think that?

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  • He is telling you that 'Now' is Not a good time but maybe down the love line in the future. However, that could be something he is just saying to keep you swaying in the wind if he doesn't bother calling or even puts you on his Pay no mind list of Not paying you any mind.
    If he does come around, keep it light and semi sweet and just go easy with Nursing and Nurturing a Nice Friendship again even if it comes down to This. Getting to know One another will help in possibly getting back together but if Not, focus on You and let him stay to the side until he might Decide... What he really wants so you do not become just A... Side.
    Good luck. xx


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  • He didn't imply that it was a maybe, its a no.

    • What was the now for then? And then why would he act like he always did around me when we were together?

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    • Then get back together? If not move on. Doesn't that make sense?

    • And ex's will ignore you if they don't want you, he's putting in too much effort. I wonder why?

What Girls Said 1

  • Not necessarily. He might just mean he doesn't want to get back together...

    • Then why put the now in there?

    • To get u off his back probably...

    • Then he said he wanted to contact me after that and when he did we acted just like we did when we were together

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