Is she truly done or massively confused?

This is going 2 b kinda lengthy but i want y'all 2 get a feel of my situation. My girlfriend of 2 and a half years left me last month. Before i explain the current events i will briefly go over our history. We meet in January 5th 2013 she's was a door girl at a club. She asked for my number the next day she came over and instantly i knew she was different. She was suppose 2 move 2 San Antonio at the end of the month (she's from cali no family here she was going 2 school) after spending everyday together she decided 2 stay and b with me and help me raise my son. She moved in with me and over the course of the next 2 and a half years we had our issues with typical relationship problems. (Lying, retaliation verbal abuse etc from both parties). As we found out we were gonna have another child (her first my second) things began 2 change. I let go of some of my tendencies that were causing our fights i matured. Over the course of her pregnancy she said she felt depressed because i would go out when she was at work (she worked overnight) and when i didn't have my child. She said she felt like she was handicapped and that i wasn't there for her. Even tho i asked her if i could i probably shouldn't have as much. Fast forward we had our daughter and i thought everything was amazing. I was happy i bought an engagement ring because i wanted 2 marry her. But i began noticing she was becoming distant. We went 2 Vegas for my 25th birthday and i felt everything was amazing she knew even tho this was suppose 2 b a trip all about me i made it all about her. But i suppose i was dead wrong. she had everything planned 2 leave me. i found her outside of a guys house talking 3 hours after she got out of work i told her to go home and then when we get home she tells me she's done the next day she comes with a friend 2 get her stuff. Eventually over the month i find out she had the apartment lined up moved in with the guy i found her outside with and she had sex with him the day she left me.
(Continued) I did the dumb things immediately at first (begged cried pleaded u name it i more then likely did it) after the first week and a half i just stopped talking 2 her only interacted with her when she came over 2 see the kids. About a week ago i asked her if she even missed anything. She said yea but now she's upset at the situation she put herself in and she doesn't want to hurt her new boyfriend but doesn't want to stray him along either.
Continued) she said maybe one day we could b together again but she still needs time 2 let go of the past. (When she leaves i normally give her a simple hug but next thing i know we somewhat r holding each other arms wrapped around each other for a good minute) The next day she came over somewhat dressed up (make up was put on) but she immediately left when we called and didn't see her for a few days (because it was the weekend) that Monday she came over and i asked y did she give me false hope


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  • Fight for your kid and move on.

    • U don't think i should fight for my family as a whole

    • Yes. Fight for your family.

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  • Mate, there were problems before she left, the other guy was being lined up , and then she jumped ship when she was a sure thing..
    Having a branch out like that is a sign of her poor character.
    Children too, I feel sorry for you

    • Do u think this could b a grass is greener type phase she might b going through or just give up entirely

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    • In honesty, to be blunt, I just don't think she has the character to be good relationship material. Only open relationship/fwb etc.
      First sign of trouble, instead of communication, she will branch out to someone else to look after her needs every time.
      You don't want to keep yourself in this position for 10+ years, it will eventually destroy your mental health

    • Yea i see where ur coming from i mean in my opinion she is but isn't at the same time. At the beginning i caught her talking 2 someone else after she moved in with me and my son from that point on she was completely faithful (i would hope) but when i noticed she was becoming distant (beginning of June) that's when her issues with talking 2 other people started happening again

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