HELP I need advice, how did you guy's get back with your ex?

Only comment if you ended up getting back together with your ex please!!


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  • Well I can tell you how it happened to me once...

    We were broken up and she wanted to come over to clear the air or talk one last time... comes over in a dress all dolled up (looks hot) So we get into the conversation and we both agree that its not meant to be... Then she says she wants to hold me for a second... Then she starts getting a little to comfortable... then kissing... then I got horny and fucked her brains out. I know this was her plan all along she's a sneaky girl. We broke up for good though after that because she was being crazy.

    • So you didn't get back with her or would you of after that?

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    • Well were you ever together?

    • Yes of course we were together for 2 and a half years

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  • Funny story, usually your ex comes back to you. My ex did, and I told him to fuck off and leave me the hell alone. I did really love him, and stuff, but he basically played me, and hurt me, so yeah. I met someone new, whos way better than my ex. I'd suggest just calling your ex up, tell him you still love him, and still wanna be with him.

    • We'll I can't sre because I already kinda asked to get back together. Sometimes (most of the time) when I contact him he ignores me and says he's busy so I'm currently ignoring him. Hoping that he'll contact me. How can I get him to contact me?
      How long did it take for your ex to come back?

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    • No, i don't think it matters.

    • Why not eighter?

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  • I also want to know how to get him back hahaha... here's what I'm doing: I cut off all the communication with him. I'm not talking to him for a couple of months. Meanwhile I'm working out and eating better (altough I'm already ok), I'm focusing on me and what makes me happy. If dating shows up, I'll take the chance. Now, since I'm a sociable person I'm always doing something, I'll try to make him jealous by posting pictures of me doing stuff and with other guys (not like romantic pictures but just pictures of me w them), and then when I feel is the right time, I'll text him something super casual like "Hey I just saw that whatever season of whatever show is starting on whatever day, don't miss it!!". I'm guessing that will bring back memories of us enjoying Netflix haha... and then I'll try again w another text and so until he tells me to meet up... or maybe I'll ask him out, I don't know. Then when we're at the cafĂ© or wherever, I'll flirt a little, make him remember why he liked me at the beginning... then I'll tease him. I won't be that easy... hahaha I'll try, it's just hard! Ok so yeah this is my strategy. It may sound silly but it's the only one I got. Time will tell. I hope it works for you. Good luck!! ;-)

    • You too I'm ignoring him right now but I want him to contact me because I did my fair share. My friend posted a picture of me in a group with a guy in it
      You think it will work?

    • Yeah it could work. I guess it has to be more pictures so that he can't really pass on looking at them. You try your best to be happy and occupied, and he happens to see that, extra point =)

    • We'll I mean I'm doing different things and I see he's trying to keep track of me online but I don't know if it will work :(

  • i say don't but i don't know the situation. you need to give more details and i can give a more reliable response.. its not just getting back with your ex its way more then that there isn't a how to book on it.

    • Haha um well we went in this pattern of me contacting him then I would get tired of it and he would ask me to hang out and this been going on for months. When we do hang out we act like we always did when we were together. When I stopped talking to him for 2 months he had one of our mutual friends hang out with me probably to get information about me from her. Then I contacted him again we hung out then not only but 4 days later when he got back from a trip he went on he wanted to see me that night. I thought he might really want to get back together so I started contacting him more. I got tired of it because he always saids he's busy and we were going into our pattern again so I'm currently not talking to him. I think now he is starting to keep tabs on me online.
      I just want this all to stop and us to be together again :(

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    • We were together for 2 and a half years. We were really serious about each other (or so I thought :(). We would talk about where we are going to live, the money talk, we would scan the household and furniture ales at the store figuring out what we both would like. We Had THE Engagement Talk Before. Weeks before we broke up we were at a wedding and he said "it would be nice to have a wedding at a park". One time he even agreed that he was stuck with me forever.

      How long after your break up did your ex give you another chance?

    • What's your opinion?

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