What are your own opinion about my situation on my break up? please help?

so this happened i have a boyfriend and we are together for 4 and half years since we're in college we are so happy and planning our future together is always at hand iam good with his family and they love me as like im already their son's wife vice versa. i work as a nurse and so is he i work hard and God knows how much i love my profession, when it comes to hand that im going to another country to try my luck to help my family and ofcourse for our future. when i finally get to my destiantion me and boyfriend Skype everynight to talk about everything , he got a job in a newly opened hospital though at least we have things to do while we are separate but then it happened... when months passed we hardly spoke with each other and when we do it's like a routine it's never new, fast forward he didn't communicate with me for almost 2 months i dont know why but i keep sending him messages it comes to the point that i called his father crying knowing what happened to him i think e broke up that time but i can't let go. another bad news a doctor from where i work says i have a possible cervical cancer i didn't let anyone know until i got home back to my country i told him as soon as i land foot at the airport ( he comes to pick me up) we talk about our relationship what happened to us and sorts but he keeps saying he wants to break up. later on i found out he got anothe girl from his work too, i cried and kneel down and keep on saying no his family as there he was crying too, the next day im still at their house because i so badly want him and i to be together i can't let go of him i become a martyr but he won't let go of the other girl he told me once "what we have is just sex" it hurts becasue he knows how much i love him and iwould do anything for him but i believe that he still have feelings for me its just that there is a barrier that makes him think that he doesn't love me. he and his family drop me off the airport to get back to work abroad we hugged and he kissed me goodbye


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  • Okay, I understand and what he is doing isn't right at all, have you broken up with him? or are your considering?

    • i just take what his decisions are, and we are officially broken up coz im already out of the country again , he made a promise about us and i want to wait for him it's tough for me and i feel it's unfair coz i didn't have "another".

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